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Welcome to DMV Decals

Design. Stick it.

DMV Decals is the premier manufacturer of custom stickers and decals in the Washington D.C area. We make it easy to turn your logo, artwork, or design into a beautiful vinyl sticker.

Whether you are looking to promote your brand, display important information or simply labeling, our custom stickers and decals can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any business.

All of our custom stickers and decals are available with no minimum quantities and set up fees required.

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Decals & Stickers

What We Do

We make superior quality custom stickers and decals in the Washington D.C area!
And if you need a design, we’ve got in-house graphic design experts ready to help.

Custom Stickers & Decals

Whether you want to create a sticker for your business, organization, event, or just for fun, we make it easy to print high quality decals and stickers – No Minimum Quantities and Free Lamination.

Design & Graphics

Looking to establish a strong visual presence? Our team of design experts are ready to take your company’s ideas, personality and translate it to visual design.

No Minimum Quantity

All of our stickers and decals are available with no minimum quantities, no set up fees, and include a free layer of matte or gloss lamination.

Questions and Answers

Asked Questions

What types of stickers and decals do you make?

Die Cut, Transfer and Multi-Color Transfer Stickers:

Oval Stickers, Circle Stickers, Multi-Color Transfer Stickers, Square Stickers, Rectangle Stickers Rounded Corner Stickers, Parking Permits, Clear Stickers, Cling Stickers, Roll Stickers, Printed Sticker Sheets, Vinyl Lettering, QR Codes, Fundraising Stickers, Greek Stickers, In Loving Memory Stickers, Family Stickers, Car Club Stickers, For Sale Stickers, Boat Stickers, Bumper Stickers, Stencil Stickers and much more.

What is the difference between Die Cut, Transfer and Multi-Color Transfer stickers?

Die Cut Stickers are made by printing the design on the choice of your material and cutting it out tracing the design or in various shapes such as oval, circles and squares. These stickers have a background and look great on everything.

Transfer Stickers are stickers without a background. They are made by cutting the design out of the vinyl. Then once the excess vinyl is removed, transfer tape is added to the sticker for easy application.

Multi-Color Transfer Stickers do not have a background but can have multiple colors. Transfer Stickers look great on windows, walls, electronics and anything with a smooth surface.

Is there a minimum quantity required for an order?

No - We have no minimum quantity requirement for an order.
Whether you’d like to order a single sticker or a bulk order, our team is ready to help you.

Can you help us with our design?

Yes, absolutely! It’s very common for people to have no artwork or images that aren't quite print ready. Sometimes you see an image online that you really want a sticker of or something else and so you download it.

Other times a designer designed your logo or artwork a long time ago and all you are left with is some version that is not quite as useful as the original file the designer used when making the files...and you have no options of different file formats or larger, good quality sizes.

Graphic Design Services

Custom Designs
& Artwork

  • Logo Design
  • Illustration
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Custom Artwork
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The DMV Decals Difference

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DMV Decals?

Quality is our business! And we aren't satisfied with anything less than the best. All of our stickers are available with no minimum quantities, no set up fees, and include a free layer of matte or gloss lamination.

Our dedicated and talented team of experts are passionate about the level of service and quality of work they deliver. This results in well-executed products, happy clients, and lasting relationships in the Washington D.C area and beyond.

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Superior Quality
Decals and Stickers

Feel the Quality of Our Stickers!

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Get a sample order with your artwork or logo so you can see and touch our premium quality stickers in real life before placing a large order. It’s an inexpensive way with free shipping to test us out and explore our product line.

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Sample Decals & Stickers

Our custom stickers and decals are perfect for use on cars and trucks, windshields, boats, office walls, windows, doors, products and much more.

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Decals & Stickers

Die Cut Car Decals

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Transfer Stickers

Vinyl Lettering Stickers

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Roll Stickers

Roll Product Labels